Volvo Truck electric drive

Volvo Truck electric drive

Volvo Truck electric drive

Volvo finally decided to mass produce electric trucks. This is the only direct competitor of the Tesla Semi-truck and its entry into the truck market is scheduled for an earlier date than the Semi-truck.

Volvo Trucks went out of its way and promised that it would be earlier in the market for electric-powered trucks than the Semi from Tesla. It’s interesting what prevented such a giant as Volvo from taking this step many years ago, even decades, because Tesla invented the electric motor quite a long time ago, and modern technologies did not come yesterday. It's no longer a secret that electric cars or vehicles with electric drive are finally beginning, albeit very slowly, but still persistently to fill our roads.

Trucks are no exception, and given the exponentially growing demand for road freight transport every year, this market segment will always be in demand and naturally, whoever takes the leading position will skim the cream.

Volvo doesn’t have many competitors, and if you consider that the announced release of the Volvo Truck for free sale will take place much earlier than the Semi, you can imagine in what kind of oil the Swedish auto concern will swim.

For some reason, it seems to me that Volvo won’t be bored alone for long and very soon this niche of electric trucks will be filled by manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom.

Naturally, the main advantage of electric vehicles, including trucks, is that they are absolutely environmentally friendly and naturally produce less noise. As a rule, these are the only qualities that set electric cars apart from traditional cars with internal combustion engines.

But there are a couple more huge advantages of electric vehicles, which is why they remained in the shadows for so long and that is fuel, in particular diesel fuel, since almost all trucks have diesel engines.

So, in fact, electric trucks do not need diesel fuel and can travel the vast expanses of the globe on electricity, refueling from a regular electrical network, and this pleasure will cost much less, but how will the amount of diesel fuel consumed decrease? It's scary to think...

Regarding How much it costs to drive an electric car, you can read in this article where I tried to add up all the advantages of electric cars.

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Date: 2018/11/12

Author: GEximius

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