Very rare products

Very rare products

Very rare products

You didn’t even imagine the existence of these products, but this does not mean that they are not popular in their homeland.

Welcome to the Midwest, where the food is as varied as the landscape. From the rolling hills of the country's heartland to the magnificent Great Lakes, each state brings its own unique flavor to the melting pot that is American cuisine. However, while the world knows about Chicago deep-fried dish and Cincinnati chili, the treasure trove of Midwestern appetizers remains the region's best-kept secret for all but the most discerning eaters.

Cheese Curds (Wisconsin)

Wisconsin may be known as the “Dairyland” state, but it’s also home to some of the best cheese curds in the country. These bite-sized nuggets of deliciousness are made by draining and pressing cheese curdled with rennet until it becomes squeaky and chewy. They can be eaten fresh or deep-fried for a crispy outer layer. Either way, they’re a Midwest must-try.

Puppy Chow(Midwest)

One of the most beloved and iconic Midwestern treats is puppy chow, also known as muddy buddies or monkey munch. This sweet snack originated in the Midwest and consists of Chex cereal coated with melted chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar. It’s easy to make and highly addictive, perfect for parties or late-night snacking.

Juicy Lucy(Minnesota)

The Juicy Lucy is a burger with a twist that was born in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis. Instead of placing toppings on top of the patty, this burger has cheese stuffed inside the meat before it’s cooked to juicy perfection. The result is a molten center of gooey cheese that oozes out with every bite. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s a Midwest classic.


In Nebraska, the Runza is a beloved comfort food that has existed since the early 1900s. It’s a doughy bread pocket filled with seasoned ground beef, onions, and cabbage. German and Russian immigrants brought this hearty dish to the Midwest, becoming a staple in many Nebraskan homes.

Chislic(South Dakota)

The state food of South Dakota, chislic, is a simple yet delicious dish consisting of bite-sized pieces of grilled or deep-fried meat. Originally made with mutton, today’s chislic can be found in various meat types, such as beef, chicken, and alligator. It’s often served with saltine crackers and hot sauce for dipping.

Loose Meat Sandwich(Iowa)

While the rest of the country may know it as a “sloppy joe,” in Iowa, this sandwich goes by the name of “loose meat.” Instead of being served on a bun with marinara sauce like its messy counterpart, loose meat is simply seasoned ground beef cooked and served on a bun. It may sound simple, but it’s a beloved classic in the Hawkeye State.

St. Paul Sandwich(St. Louis, MO)

Don’t let the name fool you—this sandwich has nothing to do with St. Paul, Minnesota. It’s a popular Chinese-American dish that originated in St. Louis. It is an egg-foo young patty topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mayo on white bread. The combination may sound strange, but it’s a tasty fusion of Eastern and Western flavors uniquely St. Louis.

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