USA Stratolaunch

USA Stratolaunch

USA Stratolaunch

The prototype, which is already being called the largest aircraft, was again driven out of the hangar for demonstration tests on the runway...

On February 24–25, 2018, the prototype of the longest Stratolaunch aircraft was tested again, during which it made several runs along the runway . This was announced by the founder of the Stratolaunch Systems team, Paul Allen. During ground tests, the Stratolaunch Model 351 was accelerated to a record speed of 46 mph (74 km/h).

The developers have not yet announced the date of the first flight, but they have something to brag about. Stratolaunch is made according to the spirit-fuselage design and at the moment is the largest aircraft, even if it has not yet entered into service, but for now the proud title of Giant in the aviation niche is occupied by the Ukrainian "Mriya" of the Antonov plant and for quite a long time. So, the actual wing span of the new double-deck aircraft is 117.3 meters.

The length of both fuselages reaches 72.5 meters. The aircraft weighs 226.8 tons. Its maximum take-off weight is 589.7 tons. It is planned that small rockets will be launched from this aircraft in the air for their further launch into low-Earth orbit. In fact, we are talking about a carrier aircraft. Note that the aircraft began jogging back in December 2017, but then the speed indicators were only 45 kilometers per hour

When they talk about an eccentric billionaire who is passionate about space and flight, everyone immediately names Elon Musk. If anyone is a little more interested in science, they can also remember the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos.

But besides them, there is also the Virgin Galactic company, managed by British billionaire Sir Richard Branson. Her goals are more entertaining than scientific, but her approach to flying is completely different. Modules with tourists should be launched into low-Earth orbit by a giant aircraft.

The construction of such an aircraft is led by Paul Allen, one of the three founders of Microsoft, along with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. He left the business early, leaving behind a stake for a carefree existence, and took up his own projects like buying out the copyrights to the entire work of Jimi Hendrix. But the craving for technology turned out to be stronger, and Allen became interested in building the largest aircraft in the world, the Stratolaunch.

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