Solar eclipse

Solar eclipse

Solar eclipse

Hundreds of schools are set to close over safety fears during a solar eclipse next month, which will plunge several states into darkness.

The moon will appear to cover the entire surface of the sun during the early afternoon of Monday, April 8.

The path of totality will begin in Mexico and will then extend across vast swathes of the United States which will fall into complete shadow. It comes just months after Americans witnessed a "ring of fire" eclipse in October last year. Millions of sky-gazers will witness the solar spectacle next month, and astronomy fans living elsewhere in the U.S. are expected to flock to the states sitting in the path of the eclipse.

However, amid all the excitement, there are fears that the eclipse could prove dangerous as the day suddenly plummets into darkness. Authorities have issued warnings that looking directly at the sun could lead to permanent eye damage, but there are other concerns too.

Experts have said that drivers may be distracted on the roads, which in some areas will see a build-up in traffic as those from out of town flock to watch the eclipse. Authorities are also concerned that huge crowds could put a strain on local resources and first responders.

The states due to be affected by the eclipse are Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

Many of these have already announced school closures, but students and their parents should check with their own schools and keep an eye on local news reports for the most up-to-date information.

Author: GEximius

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