Kusturica near putin

Kusturica near putin

Kusturica near putin

Bandera’s followers expelled 200 thousand Serbs from Croatia. This is exactly the kind of nonsense that the director spoke at the meeting with Putin. It’s hard to come up with more nonsense.

The fairly famous and talented director Emir Kusturica, whom I considered to be a completely adequate person, apparently did not eat pills and got sick.

It’s like he’s an adult, he’s lived his life but hasn’t developed any intelligence, and that’s very sad. I wouldn’t even pay attention if someone else were spewing such nonsense, but a person of such a level of intelligence and such heresy is sadness.

Kusturica near putin

In general, it is extremely unpleasant to observe that the world is sliding into the abyss of lies and inadequacy, clinging and ass-polishing.

Although if you look from the other side, everything will look completely different.

Let's just say Kusturica has a creative crisis and financial problems. So he looks at the path and understands that this is a chance to earn an indecent amount of money without making any effort, because judging by the latest works of Russian cinema, the cotton-wool people are grabbing everything - the main thing is to praise Putin nicely.

Kusturica near putin

Why does Kusturica ask Putin for money? At the same time, Kusturica asked Putin for money for a movie.

He admitted that he would like to make three films based on the works of Russian classics and expressed hope that the head of the Kremlin will help in the implementation of such plans.

“I have an idea... To make a Russian triptych - three films. The first will be called “Engineer of Easy Walks”, this is my version of Dostoevsky. Then Gogol... (The story - Ed.) about how Ivan Ivanovich quarreled with Ivan Nikiforovich.. "Third - "Cossacks" by Leo Tolstoy... If you have your support," the director emphasized.

One thing is good: the director said that if he can make all these films with Putin’s help, he will end his career.

It turned out everything was really simple and it was all about money...

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Date: April 4, 2024

Author: GEximius

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