Germany Ban on diesel cars

Germany Ban on diesel cars

Germany Ban on diesel cars

It's done! Germany, as always, keeps up with the times and naturally fights for the environment. The Supreme Court of Germany approved a ban on the movement of vehicles with diesel engines...

The world does not stand still and technologies that only yesterday seemed super natural, or someone simply wanted everyone to think so, have become available to society. Diesel or gasoline cars are a thing of the past and internal combustion engines are being replaced by electric motors.

I think there is no need to tell what an electric motor is, and you all know perfectly well what kind of beast this is, and I think it’s no longer a secret that Tesla almost two centuries ago proposed installing an electric motor on a car, but alas, they didn’t hear him or simply didn’t want to listen, because ideas Tesla put an end to the entire global oil industry, but this is another story that cannot be told in a nutshell, but I will try to return to this topic in the near future...

So Germany became, so to speak, a “pioneer” and decided, based on the recent scandal with the environmental friendliness of diesel engines, as well as public outrage, to completely and unconditionally ban the movement of diesel cars within the city limits of Stuttgart and Dusseldorf. And even if this is a small one, it is a victory in the name of the green planet on which you and I live, it is a victory for our health and the health of our children. Let it be only Germany for now, only two cities have been launched so far, but a start has been made and we are on our way!

Naturally, as the competent authorities have clarified, these measures will not be as large-scale as the activists wanted and in order to avoid unrest on the part of diesel car owners. In any case, all owners of diesel cars can count on financial compensation from the state.

P.S. Most major auto manufacturers claim that models with internal combustion engines of recent years are suitable for conversion to electric motors.

Author: GEximius

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